It is good to be back!

We have always taken the safety of our employees and customers extremely seriously and worked on achieving the best standards. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic this has never been more important. We are re-opening with the same philosophy that has always under-pinned health, safety and hygiene at Lokma: we work extremely hard behind the scenes to make everything as safe for our employees and customers as possible, so that when you come and dine in with us everything will feel as normal as possible.

The fundamental principles that underpin government guidance are that the low contagion risks associated with Covid-19 in restaurants are best diminished further via social distancing, enhanced hygiene, specific risk assessments and careful management of our workforce.

Whether you are meeting with family and friends for catch up brunches and belated birthday lunches or stepping out for a long overdue dinner for two, we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure it is in surroundings
that are celebratory and safe.

Thank you all for your support during these unprecedented times.

Zehra / Jerry / Alex